Akashavani celebrating 50 years

Akashavani's local news bulletin has turned 50. From today onwards golden jubilee celebrations will be starting. Exactly before 50 years on this day All India Radio local news has started telecasting from Trivandrum, Kerala. Akashvani's local new bullettin has become inevitable source of news in lay man's life. During 1957 there were only two or three newspapers circulating in kerala and the introduction of local news transmission in malayalam had become a boon to the common man. At first malayalam news has started telecasting from delhi AIR division in the year 1949 and later in 1957 an independent radio station has started in trivandrum solely for keralites.

At first there was only one news bullettin and now Akashavani trivandrum has three dialy news bullettins, infotainment programmes and news related programmes. A number of news readers with their unique way of news reading and voice had secured place in the hearts of keralites. Akashavani trivandrum has emerged as a true companion of the common man by introducing innovative and relevant programs.
The golden jubilee celebrations will be attended by honorable ministers and celebrities of kerala. Celebrations will be held on 22nd of this month and those people will be honored who had been in the news section for years.

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