Payasam in KTDC Hotels

According to KTDC chairman Cherian Philip, during this onam season sales of kerala payasam is higher than liquour. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation has got chain of Beer Parlours in major tourist destinations of kerala. This year KTDC has started the sales of payasam kits in KTDC hotels. The record sales was in the chaithram hotel of trivandrum. Within a week KTDC hotels has recorded a sales of seven lakh rupees of payasam which is more thatn 5000 litres. The sales of liquors in the beer parlours was comparatively less.

Now maveli don't have to wait to have home made payasams. He can just go to a KTDC hotel and enjoy his kit of delicious payasams.

New Insurance Products

With the introduction of open policy for insurance companies by government of India. New and new insurance firms are entering into the market both Indian companies and multi - nationals. New insurance policies or products in the field of term life insurance, medical insurance, general insurance are introduced every another day by different companies. The companies are competing each other to get more customers by launching innovative insurance products. Now a days equity linked policies are the hot cakes in the market. Equity linked insurance polices offers life coverage and high returns. But equity linked policies are having high risks when compared to other insurance policies. The popularity of equity linked policies among the people prvoked me to write this post on insurance.
Do you know more about the equity linked policies?
Which is the best insurance policy?
Which company provides the best service in the insurance field?
Every one will be interested to know the answer of these queries.

Kerala Tourism Revenue

Revenue from kerala tourism industry has doubled within a span of five years. Major part of the tourism revenue has come as foreign currency and from direct and indirect tourism sectors. According to tourism department of kerala, the state has generated 9126 crores of rupees from tourism industry in the year 2006 alone. The is beacuse of the increase in the number of foreign tourists and home tourists. Kerala Tourism Development Corporation has advertised in different and innovative ways to promote the kerala, ayurveda and its cultural heritage under the brand name 'God's Own Country'. Along with the advertisements recent years has witnessed an increase in basic facilities which has helped in tourism development.

Vermont B & B

Vermont is a place of and for adventurous and fun loving people. Vermont is famous for its Killington and Okemo Mountains. The killington slopes and okemo mountains is loved by adventurers for hikers, skiers, leaf-peepers. For those who are reaching any tourist place is in need of and looking for a space to take rest and an excellent breakfast before getting into adventure tourism and sightseeing of the place. has got list of Vermont bed and breakfast to get the best b&b services in Vermont location.

Kerala's Pradeep has won Nehru Cup for India

A goal from the golden legs of pradeep has won the prestigious Nehru cup for India. This is for the first time in the 25 years history of Indian football that India has got Nehru Cup. I am proud of pradeep, a keralite who scored the one and only one goal of the match, which paved the way for India's win. Indian team has secured their win against the Syrian team who defeated India in a preliminary match of the Nehru cup.

India has got good talents in the field of football. I am thinking, what Indians is lacking to make a mark in the international football arena?. Is it the lack of infrastructure or something else.

Pressure Washers

A new gadget for those who love their vehicles and their vehicle garage. Pressure washer a new device for vehicle washing. Pressure washer uses electricity to function rather than manual or mechanical process which uses a motor and guarantees maintenance free working. So there is no need to go after fuels to fill the gas tank. According to the users of this device, pressure washer makes it easy to wash the vehicle and it is fun. a website which has got a variety of garage products has introduced a wide range pressure washers to choose from.

Super Singer from Surya TV

After amrita tv and asianet now the turn has reached for another malayalam channel Surya tv. Surya TV will be starting super singer to find the best and upcoming nightingales of kerala. The screening process has started for the competition and those who are interested can send their mail to surya tv.

All of these ongoing reality shows has got separate panel of judges. I am wondering which panel of judges are judging the right candidates. For tv channels these reality shows has become a matter of their prestige and fame.

Pre-Owned Cars

With the introduction of new cars, the Used Cars market in getting bigger day by day. The number of second hand cars is getting increased on a constant basis. Most of the consumers are worried about the quality and life of used cars. So all the used car dealers are assuring quality based on different criteria. Even in the small state of kerala we can find lots of used car or pre-owned car dealers.

Now a days the car manufacturers has started outlets for their own used cars with quality assurance by the company itself. Every one admits that it is complex process to select and buy a used car. Lots of things has to be checked like where the vehicle has encountered an accident, performance of the engine, quality of accessories and the mileage. Most of the vehicles will be losing the mileage after regular usage for years. provides features, facilities and guidance in their website to search for pre owned or Used Cars with a nation wide list of used cars.

Drink Kerala Drink

According to the latest statistics by kerala state beverage corporation, keralites has drunk for 100 crores during time. On the day of first onam or the uthradam day keralite has drunk for 18 crores. One day just before first onam keralites drunk for about 15 crores. People of karunagapaly, kollam has secured first place in onam drinking. Chalakkudy people from the district of trichur is the first runner up. Keep it up onam drinkers.

Kerala has witnessed a 28% increase when compared to last year. Most of the people, about 65% has consumed rum, 33% has gone for brandy and rest of them has opted for whisky, votka and other brands. If official statistics is like this then what about unofficial and illegal alchohol consumption.

Thiruonam Wishes for all

Today is second day of onam festival or "Thiruonam" which is the most celebrated onam day in kerala.
Wishing all keralites around the world a happy and prosperous onam.

Hawaii rental house

Two days back onam tourism week celebrations has been officially inaugurated. I have seen lots of foreign visitors in the state. Most of the tourists are couples and would like to spend their vacation in the beaches and everyone is enthusiastic to celebrate onam. Kovalam the world famous beach is expecting tourism during the time of onam. Onam swings has been hanged on the coconut palms of the beaches especially for the tourists. I think all the tourists knows about the legend behind onam festival and others who dont know are eager to know more about the festival. Every tourist has got plans to wear traditional dress and have traditional foods.

Beach rentals is what every tourists are looking for to spend their vacation. Hawaii is the place where most of tourists spend their vacations from around the world. Hawaii beaches has got some unique Hawaii rental house on the side sides for the tourists. Before reaching hawaii we need Hawaii Travel Info to find our bed and breakfast in the place. Hawaiian Beach Rentals helps in finding out the best.

The Super Dancer

In yesterdays grand finale of amrita tv's super dancer competition, Prasanth has got the first prize as amrita tv super dancer. Congratulations for Prasanth for becoming the super dancer.

Amrita TV Super Dancer Grand Finale

The reality show of amrita tv to find out the best and upcoming talents in the field of dancing has come to a grand finale. The final competition will be held today at 6.30 in the evening and it will be live in amrita tv. After a series of screening by kala master four young talents has got entry into the final competition. One of out of the four will be awareded as the Amrita TV Super Dancer. First prize winner will be getting an Maruti Swift car sponsored by SRK Group. Second prize will be awareded a Maruti Alto car sponsored by Nirapara Group of Institutions.
I wish Anjali, Anish, Shamna and Prasanth best of luck for the grand finale.

Online Identity

More are more people are relying on internet to find information, products or services they want. Now a days surfing over the net is has become more insecure than before. With an advance of internet new sites and internet based services are coming up day by day and there is also an increase in number of hackers and viruses. If some hackers or fraudulent users come to know our ip address they can easily target our pc for fraudulent activities. It is the need that to be secure online and to hide IP address we need a security software for our computer. The site is having a software that helps to tackle the issues related with internet security.

Utharadam - First Onam

Today is uthradam, the first day of onam otherwise called "onnam onam". Uthradam day of chingam month is celebrated as first onam and thiruonam day of chingam month is second onam or "Thiruonam". Uthradam is the last day of shopping for onam. On the day of uthradam people used to buy as much as things they want to celebrate and enjoy "Thiruonam". Today keralites will be buying vegetables and groceries to prepare feast for thiruonam day. For every keralites like me, to have a traditionaly and homely made onam feast is a must on thiruonam day. So the shopping on uthradam day is "uthrada pachil" and the market on uthradam day is called "uthrada chantha".

Onam Celebrations officialy inagurated

Kerala government's a week of Onam - tourim celebrations has been officialy inaguated by honorable chief minister in trivandrum. A week long celebrations is organised by goverenment and other non organisations in and around trivandrum. As part of inaguaral celebrations cultural programs has been organised by kairali tv in chandra shekhran nair stadium, Trivandrum. Other tv channels like Asianet, ACV, Jeevan TV will be presenting their programs on the coming days.
Onam celebrations and shopping is on top gear in trivandrum.

Made in Heaven

During this month of chingam, keralites buy more gold ornaments than any other month. Because chinga masam is the auspicious month for weddings and starting new ventures. I think everyday in this chingam month atleast 500 marriages will be held through out kerala. In kerala dowry system is still alive. This dowry system creates high demand in gold ornaments. Different types and wide variety of jewelery is available in various shops around kerala. Not only that new and innovative designs are being introduced everyday especially wedding bands. As it is onam time people visit jewelery shops more frequently compared to other months of the year.

Kerala Payasam

Payasam is an important recepie for keralites. It is an inevitable dish in a typical kerala feast. Sweet and delicious payasam is mostly made of rice or wheat or some cereals along with sugar or jaggery. Nowadays the payasam has been made by adding some chineese ingredients and given a chineese look by some chefs. Typically payasam has to be served in plantain leaf and to be taken with bare hand.

KTDC, the official host of kerala is organising payasam melas in Kazhakuttom, Attingal, Varkala, Veli, Statue, Museum and Kanakakunnu palace. Sales of different kinds of payasam on packets is also organised.

Movie, Naalu Pennungal of Adoor Gopalakrishnan

A movie created by Adoor Gopalakrishnan to be played in the famous toronto film festival which is going to be held next month from six to fifteenth of september. Adoor Gopalakrishnan has created good movies on relevant topics, which are among top rated artistic films around the world. This show is the world wide release of this movie. The movie is based on the short stories by Thakazhi. Lake thakazhi had written many short stories and novels which were based on the then prevailing social issues and human life. The stories of Thakazhi sivasankara pillai had got much acclaimed recognition from india and around the world. The movie is made in association with doordarshan, the offical tv channel of india.
Emil and Eric Digital Films, who had recently introduced an innovative and digital way of film making will be releasing movie on coming october in kerala. The movie is being starred by actors like kavya mathavan, padma priya, nanditha das, geethu mohan das, manju pillai.

Digital Festivity

It is festival time here in kerala. Onam has become a time to buy and sell digital products and electronic items. Brand new and feature rich digital products are on the display on different shops and dealers with festive promotional offers at discounted rates. Major companies have come up with new models and feature rich digital cameras and digi camcoders this festive season.
Now-a-days digital cameras are common in households and people used to capture every moment of their life. As digital camera doesn't need film rolls so there no hassle of image processing. The images taken can be viewed in a pc, in a handheld device or in a digital photo frame. Digital frames comes in seven to ten inch lcd displays. Digital photo frames is a remotely controlled and a compact image viewer. Inorder to view the captured images just place the memory card of the digital camera on the digital photo frame and adjust the timing and transition. As the device is compact and handy we can place it any where in our home.

Trivandrum getting busy and live for onam

Trivandrum is all set and ready to welcome onam before the start of chingam month with a variety and wide range of exhibitions in the major locations and halls. Exhibitions on handicfafts, textiles and electronics good is organised in putharikandam maithanam, VJT Hall, Thyacud Ghandhi Bhavan, YMCA hall and Kanaka Kunnu etc. Accroding to all the organisers exhibitions are having more visitors when compared to the previous years.

Ghandhi bhavan located in thycaud near to trivandrum music college has got Gandhian books along with handicraft items. The sales of handicrafts is from 9.30 in the morning to 7.30 in the evening. The main attraction of the exhibition in VJT hall is kashmiri handicrafts items, pearl ornaments, and stone ornaments. VJT hall also has item from the states like Jammu - Kashmir,Orissa, Kerala and Tamilnadu.

Another exhibition has started in putharikandom maithanam of eastfort is comprised of products from the villages of different locations of kerala. This exhibition is being organised with the support of central and state government. The saras mela is displaying terra cotta and embroidery products from states like Pondichery, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarath, Manipur, and Tripura. There is also some cultural programs associated with the exhibition.

Khadi or Hand loom products, which is made indigenously by different organizations and groups from around the state is also being displayed in the YMCA hall near statue junction. Like every year government has declared rebate of about 30% for khadi products.
For several years onam has become a time for sales promotion and marketing. Along with these exhibitions there are promotional offers from major groups and companies. The situation of even the smallest villages remote place of kerala is not different. Everywhere we can seen exhibitions and sales promotions. Anyway onam is the peak time to generate the most revenue of the year from every kind of business.

Hoping that "Maveli" will also be excited to be here for shopping and not for meeting keralites during onam season.

IBS starting operations in Hong Kong

An IT company from kerala, IBS is starting its software services division in Hong Kong. IBS is starting this international center on its 10th anniversary. This is the fourth Asian software support services centre for IBS. Other than Hong Kong IBS, the SAP service provider has got development centres and software services centers in cochin, Trivandrum and Tokyo.

Online Shopping Carts

Retail business is emerging as one of the most revenue generating business in today's world. More and more people getting into some kind of retail business rather than having their own products or services. The producers and retail business firms has got websites to promote their business and to sell their products. AS internet has become common, people are going online to know more about the products and place their orders. Manufacturers and dealers can't discard the revenue coming out of online shopping. In this digital scenario shopping cart software or an e-commerce software is an inevitable part of a shopping website, where one can buy the products and services online.
A variety of ecommerce softwares are available over the net, based on different technologies. A reliable a shopping cart software is very important for the success of online business. Ashop Commerce is having one of the best ecommerce software for the highly competitive online business.

Radio Mango 91.9

Radio Mango, a new fm radio is all set to be launched for keralites. The logo of radio mango has been publicised, which is being operated by Manorama. Malayala Manorama is the most circulated local news daily in kerala. The channel frequency for the fm in kerala is 91.9. As per the comapany's news release radio mango will be introducing innovative and youthful programs with local specialities while inviting keralites to a new world of radio listening. Radio mango will be initially telecasted from cochin, thrissur, calicut and kannur.

Atham day of Chingam month.

Today is one of the most auspicious day for keralites, first day of chingam month or chinga masam. Chingam month is the first month of malayalam calender. It is a common belief that today is favourable day for starting new ventures, marriages, buying new vehicles etc. Not only today is chingam first, but also atham day of chingam month. This is the day on which people used to lay flower carpets in front of homes. Flower carpets are laid to welcome king mahabali. As per legend the king mahabali who was ruling kerala has been sent to hell by lord vishnu.
Now a days people don't have time to make flower carpets. Flower carpets are laid by some group of individuals on the beside the roads. Flower carpets has become an advertising tool for major companies and firms. During onam days flower carpet competition has been held by different companies and groups to market their product. The best flower carpets will be given compliments by the companies who are organising the competition.

Drug Rehabilitation

Last week in the front page of one malayalam daily, there was a picture of two young men died by the abuse of some kind of drugs. It was actually a shocking news which happened in one of the district in kerala. Those two men lost their life because of drug abuse and were laying beside a busy road. The image was so agonizing because the syringe which a person has used to inject the drug was still inserted in his vein. That person lost his life before he was able to take back that syringe from his vein.

Government and NGO's are trying their level best to bring awareness about the drug abuse. But these type of incidents reveal that their efforts are not effective and is not reaching the common man. A reliable and effective drug rehabilitation service should be there to show a new way of life to these drug addicts. Most of the drug addicts some how used to escape from the drug rehab centres before completing the prescribed medication and get back to drugs usage.

Everyday more and more people, whether they are rich or poor, men or wemen are slipping into drug addiction someway or the other. Effective measures must be taken by government and non-profit organisations to wipe-out this menace from the society by providing awareness and adequate medications. a non-profit website helps to find drug short and long term rehabilitation programs for a specific drug addicted individuals. The service is available round the clock and through out an year.

Manorama onam shopping festival

Malayala Manorama the most circulated daily in kerala has started a shopping festival named manorama fiests in cochin. The venue of this onam shopping carnival is Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium Ground, Kaloor cochin. The shopping festival will be there from 10th of august to 26th of august, 2007. The shopping festival displays range of products from toys to vehicles, whose price ranges from 50 paise to 25 lakhs. Shopping festival mainly displays imported and indegenous home decoratives, furnitures and funishing materials like curtains and textiles.

Fashions and Lifestyles

During this festive season the companies has come up with big offers to lure the customers. The fashion and lifestyle industry is not left behind, they are also introducing new kinds of products into the market. Eyeing on the expected sales boom in the liefestyle arena more groups and shops are turning to textile and fashion industry. Mens clothing and womens clothing trends are changing day by day with the introduction of newer designs of suits, traditional wears, handbags, ties, purple ties scarfs and other fashion accessories.

Belisi has got a wide variety of clothing and fashion products on scarves, hand bags, ties and gift cards. is a blog on men's clothing and has got info on the recent trends in the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Akashavani celebrating 50 years

Akashavani's local news bulletin has turned 50. From today onwards golden jubilee celebrations will be starting. Exactly before 50 years on this day All India Radio local news has started telecasting from Trivandrum, Kerala. Akashvani's local new bullettin has become inevitable source of news in lay man's life. During 1957 there were only two or three newspapers circulating in kerala and the introduction of local news transmission in malayalam had become a boon to the common man. At first malayalam news has started telecasting from delhi AIR division in the year 1949 and later in 1957 an independent radio station has started in trivandrum solely for keralites.

At first there was only one news bullettin and now Akashavani trivandrum has three dialy news bullettins, infotainment programmes and news related programmes. A number of news readers with their unique way of news reading and voice had secured place in the hearts of keralites. Akashavani trivandrum has emerged as a true companion of the common man by introducing innovative and relevant programs.
The golden jubilee celebrations will be attended by honorable ministers and celebrities of kerala. Celebrations will be held on 22nd of this month and those people will be honored who had been in the news section for years.

60 years of indian independence

Tomorrow 15th of august 2007, indians will be celebrating their 60th year of independence. Independence day celebrations with be held in all the state capitals of india which will be presided over by dignitories and honorable ministers. In kerala independence day celebrations wil be held in all the districts accompanied by passing out parades. I would like to wish all a happy independence day.

Auto Refinancing

Financing a truck, car or suv and finding a good financing partner is an important factor while owning the same. Financing should suit and fit our lifestyle. There are lot of financing firms who can finance our newly bought vehicle or a used cars. Now a days lots of banks and financial institutions has come up with auto refinance. Auto refinance helps to go for a better financing solutions and save money when compared with the currently available solutions. Rate genius has got an excellent lender network with good services and offers in the field of auto refinancing.

Karkidaka Vavu - Shradham

Yesterday it was karkidaka vavu in kerala. Karkidaka vavu is the new moon day in the malayalam month of karkidakom. Karkidakom otherwise called aadi masam is the last month of malayalam calender. The new moon day of karkidaka month is very important to hindus in kerala. There will be some rituals performed in the beaches and in the waterways of kerala in the rememberance of their ancestors. The rituals has been performed in the beaches of kovalam, sanghumugham, thiruvallam and papanasham in trivandrum. Papanasham in varkala and thiruvallam near to kovalam is considered as the sacred place for performing these rituals. Yesterday thousands of people has reached these placed to perform these rituals. Aluva manappuram, a sand bed in ernakulam district of kerala is another prominent place for this ritual. Returning after performing these rituals the men and women must be fed with a good feast or sadya with all the keralite dishes.

Reserve a Hotel

Kerala is known for its tourism and travel industry. The state has been recently awarded by major groups and firms for excellence in this field. Government and private firms has contributed a lot for kerala's performance in the tourism field.
As i say private firm, it is travel agents and hotels these people have brought to the limelight the major scenic locations, undiscovered and potential tourism spots to the world. The hotels and resorts which are built in traditional and ethnic ways
has lured lots of enthusiastic tourists from around the world.

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Indian Film Awards - Keralites awarded

Indian film awards for the year 2005 has been declared two days back. Among the awarded some keralites had also made their presence. 'Thanmathra', a malaylam movie directed by Blessy is the best malayalam movie. Another malayalm movie director Jayaraj has been awarded with Nargis Dutt award for creating the movie titled 'Daivanamathil'. The movie is awarded in the category of the best movie which is themed on national unity and integration. List is not over, another keralite who bagged the award is Madhu Ambat in the category of best choreographer and Urvasi is awarded for the best supporting actor. Urvasi is selected for this award for her performance in the movie 'Achuvinte Amma'.

All set to welcome onam by major groups

Thiruonaam is about three wekks away but the shops and the market is already alive in the major cities of keral. The is visible not only in major cities but also in the small cities and towns of kerala. Shopkeeper, Products dealers and companies are quite aware that onam is the high time to get the best business of the the year. More groups entered into the home appliances market with new and innovative products eyeing onam mega sales. The newly opened showrooms are most talked about news among the people in the major cities.

The showrooms which had started one month before onam is mainly targetting the rich people rather than the middle class people to get their first lot of business before onam. The recently started home appliances showroom is nandilath g mart. Today evening i have visited the showroom, the showroom has got a wide range of products and ample space for showcasing the products and for parking. The middle class people mainly looks for onam offers, discounts and prizes which will be offered by the groups and dealers nearing onam days.

San Francisco Sightseeing - new way of touring

In my state tourism is one of the most revenue generating industry just like other parts of the world. Till recent past most of the countries were not using their tourism potential. But now things has changed and tourism has become a multi-billion
industry showcasing new products and innovative services by travel agents and tour operators. Choosing the right and experienced travel agent or a tour operator is very much important.
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Napa Valley Wine Train ExperienceThe website of trustedtours offers Trusted Tours eNewsletter which can be subscribed will bring the latest tour and travel packages and information.

A.K.G in theatres Tomorrow

A new movie based on the life and struggles of AKG will be released tomorrow. AKG was an undisputed personality and the leader of the communisty party in kerala. The movie proves that AKG is still alive in the minds of keralites with all its radiance. This could be the reason that persuaded Shaji N Karun to create a docu-fiction movie on Comrade AKG. Communism might have declined in many parts of the world but it is still prevelant among keralites.
As claimed by the promoters and producers who gave life to this movie, 'Purogamana KalaSahithya Sangham of kozhikode' and 'Abudhabi Shakthi Theatres', it is the first democratic movie in kerala. According to the director Shaji N Karun, this docu-fiction movie has become a reality after 6 years of hard work and spent about thirty five lakhs. The director also told to the media that the profit which is raised from the movie will be send to charity.

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Santhosh George on the Way to US

Santhosh George who has been selected as the one and only space tourist from india is on his way to United States. A training session will be provided to all the selected tourists from around the world for this mission in florida from 11th of this month. All the tourists will be carried to space by 'Space Ship - 2', a vehicle developed by london based company Vigin Galactic.

A cure for ailments

A natural cure is what everyone is looking for. More and more People are turning towards alternative medication and treatments for attaining natural health. Colloidal silver is one of the alternative for alternative treatments.
Colloidal silver which is a natural antibiotic and preventive against common infections and ailments. Colloidal silver helps in the
destruction of anti-bodies like bacteria, virus or fungi which enters into our body through a unique process.
As suggested by those who are in the field of natural medicines and treatments
colloidal silver doesn't cause harm to human body. More and more research and studies has been going on regarding the effective use of silver ions to promote regeneration in the body and destroy the one-celled anti-bodies.

Home Appliances Shopping Malls

Karamana, a small town in trivandrum has added another electronics shopping mall in its lap. Onam is just days away and new malls and stores are getting inaguagted day by day. Today it is the inagural day of Nandilath G-Mart's first showroom in trivandrum. As advertised by Nandilath Group who have been in this arena for 22 years, this Global Home appliances Plaza in karamana is the largest in south india and the best in kerala. This mart has got 22,000 square feet of space with international quality electronics products. Gopu Nandilath who is the chairman of Gopu Nandilath Group has started his first venture in the Trichur district of kerala and later started operation in other parts of kerala.
Yesterday karamana has witnessed opening of another electronic shopping mart it was Supriya Home Appliances. This group has been in trivandrum for years and started their first showroom in Karamana. Another Group NEXT Home Appliances has started its operations just weeks back in karamana. Next claims to be India's best retail showrooms
In previous onam season QRS Home appliances had started their 3rd showroom in trivandrum and the first in karamana. QRS now has their first showroom in M.G Road Trivandrum and second on in Pattom. Last time it was Best Buy who has started their showroom along with QRS.But now the space of Best Buy has been taken over by another Home Appliances Group.
I should say what ever is being claimed or advertised by these groups, they are displaying and selling the same brands of major electronics manufacturers. I think most of the keralites are concerned about quality of the products rather than the price, the group who gives the most offers and compliments will be getting more customers and sales . Wishing best sale of all in onam time.

New Private FM station in Trivandrum

Presently Trivandrum is having only one FM radion station, Ananthapuri FM. Ananthapuri FM is being telecasted and operated by All India Radio, Thiruvananthapuram. In the coming months kerala will witness a boom in FM Industry by the entrance of private players into FM Media arena. An advertisement in one of the malayalam daily has persuaded me to submit this post. That advertisement was regarding an opening for FM Radio Professionals.
The career advertisement is given by a major group Reliance ADA Big 92.7 FM for their newly starting FM radio station in trivandrum. This group has plans to start 45 FM stations other than the existing ones all over india. The Radio professionals are called Radio Jockeys. These radio jockeys should be well versed and fluent in local language and have a passion for music. Selection process will be having an interview and an audition round.

Furniture for your Home

Next month it is the most auspicious month of malayalam calendar and this is the time most house warming is done in the state of kerala. One of the big problem every new homemaker and the existing homemakers is facing is good and quality Funiture and the households. Not only the quality and price of the furniture, it should be matching the structure and interior decoration of the house. Furnitures made out of good and quality wood and metals used to last long, and that is what every one desires to buy. Every day new and new furniture showrooms are getting inaugurated with variety of ready made and tailor made furnitures which are made out of different kind of woods and metals. In kerala furnitures made out of red wood and teak wood is priced very high. About ten years back keralites preffered to buy only tailor made funitures specifically designed and which cater to their individual needs. Most of the furniutes in my home has been made years back and it has been specifically designed by a carpenter. Now a days people of kerala is showing more interest on buying company made or branded furnitures made out of metals, glass and furnitures made of synthetic and fibre furnitures. I have been looking for some good and quality furniture over the net where i can find a wide variety of furnitures. I found a website that has got a variety of good house holds. not only has family furniture but also of furniture home office. The funitures which me the most is some elegantly displayed and crafted Bedroom Furniture. These furnitures are well designed to suit any kinds of rooms and apartments. Bar stools is another major furniture attraction which is provided by the website. For some unique and elegant bar stools you can visit this website.

Released after Nine Years

This is the hot news in all the media today. Some channels were telecasting live signals on release of Abdul Nazer Madany. He has been released after nine years from coimbatore jail. He was suspected for the series bomb blasts in coimbatore while has taken place in the year 1998. The release happened at around 8.30 pm in the night after the court's verdict and travel back to kerala by road.