Time for Celebration and Shopping

It is exactly after thirty day keralaites are about to celebrate onam. Onam is the most celebrated festival in kerala. Being celebrated once in a year all over kerala irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The legend concerning onam is that The King Mahabali, who once ruled kerala will be back on onam days to visit kerala who was once send to hell by God Vishnu.
Onam is the time for shopping for keralalites. People used to by new clothes and appliances for their home as most of the companies and organisations pay festival bonus for their employees. Forseeing this major electronic appliances companies like LG, Samsung, Phillips and other major players in the are coming up with new and new offers in the market. The sales of good during onam will reaching sky high which amounts to crores of rupees in kerala alone.
Eyeing on this market major companies and small companies used to come up with brand new products and services.

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