Ramayana Month Started

Today is the first day karkidakam or karkidaka. Karkidakom is the last month of malaylam calender. The month is also called as Ramayana Masam or Panjha Masam. This month is considered as a favorable month for worship of hindu gods especially lord
rama. During this month people especially elder people used to read the epic book or the hindu religious book 'Ramayana'. My mom has started reading Reading Ramayana from today morning onwards. Ramayana has got messages regarding how to live a good and prospeous life and do helpful things to the society and the country . Ramayana also gives message for an ideal Country.

Karkidaka month is also considered the best month for ayurveidc treatments and ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies. This month is usually accompanied with rain and a cool atmosphere which is good to live an ayurvedic life. After karkidaka month's ayurvedic treatments and adequate rest for the body, people can enjoy and welcome Chingamasam. Chingamasam is the first month of malayalam calendar. Chingamasam is considered as the most auspicious month of malayalm calender.

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