Make more Calls

Most of people has got a landline connection and a mobile connection of their own. I do have both of these. But i am scared of the large amount of bills generated per month by both of these connections. One of my friend has advised me to use prepaid calling cards rather than going for postpaid bills. The are many prepaid calling cards available in the market but i has'nt tried it.

One of my friend recommended a
cheap phone card
from Pingo is in association with to provide calling cards. Pingo' Ratewatcher helps to save money through low phone card rate. My friend has got lot of international calls, he told that pingo helped him can save money on 90% on Internationnal cell phone calls. My friend is actively using this prepaid calling service and he also told that Pingo phone cards isservice of Ibasis, which is one of the largest carriers of International VoIp phone calls around the world. Have you switched to economical calling cards to save your bills.

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