Major Ravi's New Venture

'Mission 90 days' one of the most talked about malayalam movie has been released. The movie has been directed by "Major Ravi". The story or the theme of the movie is about the assasination of Rajiv Ghandhi by a human bomb, which eventually shocked india and the whole world. It was for the first time the world saw how an eminent politician / a VIP being assasinated in this manner. Rajiv Ghandhi was then the prime minister of india. The movie tells how and what actions has been taken by the army and security personnels to find the culprits behind this cruel act.
The peculiar thing about this movie is that the director himself was one of the member among the commandos who were involved in the action against the culprits. So the director himself is well aware of the issues and the actions taken and director claims that movie has been picturised in the most realistic manner as possible. The Major role in the movie is being played by noted actor and mega star Mammootty, who
plays as the chief of the commandos. Mission 90 days is the second film of the director in malayalam, first one being an army story 'Keerthichakra', starred by Mega Star Mohanlal. The story of Keerthichakra was about fighting army personnels in the northern tip of india.

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