Indian President Election

After immense campaining by the political parties for their candidate the presidential election will be held today. For the last few weeks indians saw political parties competing each other for their presidential candidate. Large rallies and functions were held around india for the campaign. This is for the first time india has seen such a big campain for president elections. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will be leaving his presidential office for the new president of india. Dr APJ Kalam, one of the most famous scientist's presidential tenure has ended yesterday. The main competitors in presidential election is candidates recommended by ruling UPA Alliance and NDA Alliance. Who will be the next president of India?

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July 21, 2007 at 5:27 AM

The Election of President of India in 2007, is a sad event, in the history of Presidential Elections Of India. Not only it is sad but also shameful event. The so called politicians, said to be the representatives of Indian citizens betrayed them from their political culture. Be it the Prime minister,political party leaders, ministers have once again proved their scant respect for rule of law and their quest for power at any cost. I will not be surprised if they sell the nation's freedom fought by Mahatma Gandhi and other Selfless leaders.
With bleeding heart
V.Govindan (71 years old)


July 21, 2007 at 9:45 PM

I agree with your thouhgts on indian president election and the politics of india. Anyway after lots of political games Prathibha Patil has been elected yesterday as the new President of India.