Lucky Day

Accroding to Western Numerology today is a lucky day. For western people the number 7 is lucky number. Today is 07-07-07. As the number seven comes three times in the date it is considered as the luckiest day. It is common belief that today is an auspicious day to get married and for some important beginnings in our life.

Byt according to indian astrology the number seven is not considered as important. It is claimed that the date is not 07-07-07, rather it is 07-07-2007. Because of this the date has not only 7 but also the number 2. And it is also told by indian astrologers that lucky numbers are based on an individual, so number 07 will not be lucky to very one.

Anyway today lots of marriages, engagements and house warming ceremonies are taking place in kerala.

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July 9, 2007 at 4:29 PM

07-07-07 or 07-07-2007: Got to wake up, work, pay bills, watch TV and go to bed. It's all the same mate! :0)