Trivandrum International Film Festival

The curtain raiser for Trivandrum International Film Festival has been held in Kalabhavan Theatre at about 6.30 in the evening. The festival has been inagurated by world renowned malayalam cine director Adoor Gopalakrishnan. Other dignitory who attended the festival was Dr. Muhammed Shabeek. Muhammed Shabeek is the directory of Iran Cultural Centre, Delhi. The function is presided over by Movie Academy chairman K.R Mohanan. The inagural film of the film festival is Andimenche Ae Kigali. This film is the awarded the best film in the Toronto film Festival of 2007.

Find an Apartment for You

Finding a perfect apartment is a hard job. Especially if we are not aware of the place. But we would look for a friend or relative to find out that perfect apartment that we were dreaming for. Everone has different perspective for their place where they are about to live. The place we are planning to live is very much important because that is the place where we are about to spend most of the hours in a day. In my state there are lots of real estate firms and builders who develop our dream house based on our view points and design.

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Kargil Day

Remembering the martyrs of kargil war keralites has organised different functions all over kerala. This is the eighth year since the kargil war ended. Kargil war was an action taken by the indian millitary to flush out those invaders from indian territory in the year of 1999.

In the capital city of trivandrum, Kerala chief minister has presided over the function by lighting up candles. About 522 candles were lighted during the function. Many dignitories, ministers and celebreties along with members from millitary, paramillitary, ncc and scouts were present at the function paying homage to those who laid their lives for protecting India.

Time for Celebration and Shopping

It is exactly after thirty day keralaites are about to celebrate onam. Onam is the most celebrated festival in kerala. Being celebrated once in a year all over kerala irrespective of caste, creed or religion. The legend concerning onam is that The King Mahabali, who once ruled kerala will be back on onam days to visit kerala who was once send to hell by God Vishnu.
Onam is the time for shopping for keralalites. People used to by new clothes and appliances for their home as most of the companies and organisations pay festival bonus for their employees. Forseeing this major electronic appliances companies like LG, Samsung, Phillips and other major players in the are coming up with new and new offers in the market. The sales of good during onam will reaching sky high which amounts to crores of rupees in kerala alone.
Eyeing on this market major companies and small companies used to come up with brand new products and services.

Dedicated to Hockey

Hockey is being played in my country for several years. But hockey is not given much importance or assistance for its development. Sometimes i doubt whether it can be considered as our national game. The reason behind this is the game cricket which is given much importance, assistance and has got more spectators than any other game.

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dedicated to this great game. You can find important news and event happenings in hockey arena. The site has been developed in such a way that it provides details about the latest top 50 prospects of the game, NHL Rankings, Country hockey team pages, 2007 nhl draft and specific League pages. Site also has a chat room to discuss about the game, it's prospects and future.

Harry Potter Released in Trivandrum

The 7th and the last installment of the Harry Potter series 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' by J.K. Rowling has been released in trivandrum two days back. People especially children were eagerly waiting for the release of this book. The children were curious about what will happen to Harry Potter as this book is the last one to be released.
Last week we have seen Potter fanss and Publishers around the world celebrating the release of this book. In trivandrum major sellers like Modern Books and DC books has arranged book release celebrations for the people and it is still continuing. Children were waiting for hours infront of the book stall to grab a copy. After the huge success of the harry potter series it has been in the news that more and more juvenile writers from india are turning to write stories on fantasy themes. Let's hope for a "Harry Potter" from India.

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Gossips on Celebreties

In state of kerala there are lot of magazines coming out with film news and gossips on celebreties and film stars. Some of the magazines are in the market for more than 20 years. I think that most of the magazines are composed of fake news about the celebreties to keep the readership. Not only in malayalam langauge there are lots of magazines in different languages in india. Some of bollywood magazines have their online edition too.

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Time for Rejuvenation

It's monsoon time in kerala and it is the perfect time to undergo ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Most of the people especially elder people used to take karkidaka kanji. Karkidaka kanji is a rice porridge prepared using traditional methods. This is served both as a food and as ayurvedic medicine. The rice porridge is prepared and an ayurvedic mixture is added to make karkidaka kanji. Nowadays karkidaka kanji is availabale all major shops in instant packets. Karikadaka kanji is proved to be the best medicine for ailments like rheumatism and arthritis. You can visit to know more details and to buy the product in india.

Indian President Election

After immense campaining by the political parties for their candidate the presidential election will be held today. For the last few weeks indians saw political parties competing each other for their presidential candidate. Large rallies and functions were held around india for the campaign. This is for the first time india has seen such a big campain for president elections. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam will be leaving his presidential office for the new president of india. Dr APJ Kalam, one of the most famous scientist's presidential tenure has ended yesterday. The main competitors in presidential election is candidates recommended by ruling UPA Alliance and NDA Alliance. Who will be the next president of India?

Find your Physcially Fit Partner

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Ramayana Month Started

Today is the first day karkidakam or karkidaka. Karkidakom is the last month of malaylam calender. The month is also called as Ramayana Masam or Panjha Masam. This month is considered as a favorable month for worship of hindu gods especially lord
rama. During this month people especially elder people used to read the epic book or the hindu religious book 'Ramayana'. My mom has started reading Reading Ramayana from today morning onwards. Ramayana has got messages regarding how to live a good and prospeous life and do helpful things to the society and the country . Ramayana also gives message for an ideal Country.

Karkidaka month is also considered the best month for ayurveidc treatments and ayurvedic rejuvenation therapies. This month is usually accompanied with rain and a cool atmosphere which is good to live an ayurvedic life. After karkidaka month's ayurvedic treatments and adequate rest for the body, people can enjoy and welcome Chingamasam. Chingamasam is the first month of malayalam calendar. Chingamasam is considered as the most auspicious month of malayalm calender.

Make more Calls

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Major Ravi's New Venture

'Mission 90 days' one of the most talked about malayalam movie has been released. The movie has been directed by "Major Ravi". The story or the theme of the movie is about the assasination of Rajiv Ghandhi by a human bomb, which eventually shocked india and the whole world. It was for the first time the world saw how an eminent politician / a VIP being assasinated in this manner. Rajiv Ghandhi was then the prime minister of india. The movie tells how and what actions has been taken by the army and security personnels to find the culprits behind this cruel act.
The peculiar thing about this movie is that the director himself was one of the member among the commandos who were involved in the action against the culprits. So the director himself is well aware of the issues and the actions taken and director claims that movie has been picturised in the most realistic manner as possible. The Major role in the movie is being played by noted actor and mega star Mammootty, who
plays as the chief of the commandos. Mission 90 days is the second film of the director in malayalam, first one being an army story 'Keerthichakra', starred by Mega Star Mohanlal. The story of Keerthichakra was about fighting army personnels in the northern tip of india.

Santhosh Sivan - with a new movie

Sathosh Sivan, a highly talented and famous indian cinematorgrapher from kerala is about to direct a movie from BBC. The movie is about the foreign rule in afghanistan for the last 100 years. The movie is being named as Wedding Party. The movie is based on entrance of british, russians and at last americans in afghan soil. According to Santhosh Sivan the picturisation is scheduled to undergo in the locations of Morocco and in parts of Ladakh.
One of the film done by santhosh sivan will be released in the month of september. The movie named 'Before the Rains', has been nominated for the toronto film festival is about the colonial reign india. Santhosh sivan has also told that he is planning for a movie in english and malayalam about age old martial art kalaripayattu.

Spreading the buzz

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Lucky Day

Accroding to Western Numerology today is a lucky day. For western people the number 7 is lucky number. Today is 07-07-07. As the number seven comes three times in the date it is considered as the luckiest day. It is common belief that today is an auspicious day to get married and for some important beginnings in our life.

Byt according to indian astrology the number seven is not considered as important. It is claimed that the date is not 07-07-07, rather it is 07-07-2007. Because of this the date has not only 7 but also the number 2. And it is also told by indian astrologers that lucky numbers are based on an individual, so number 07 will not be lucky to very one.

Anyway today lots of marriages, engagements and house warming ceremonies are taking place in kerala.