Sivaji Released in Trivandrum

Sivaji, the year's most awaited file of Rajani Kant has been released in trivandrum. The movies has been released in four theatres in trivandrum. This the first time in kerala movie history that a movie is released in four theatres. Film for displaying the movies brought to the theatres on top of an elephant accompanied by a big procession, which consisted of lots of people and panchavadayam.

Rajani fans in trivandrum has offered poojas for the sucess of the film in from the released theatres. The movie has been released in Sreekumar, Sreevisakh, New theatre and Kairali. Sivaji is the first movie in kerala which is released in about 86 theatres simultaneously. About 600 prints has been printed worldwide for the release of the movie. Sivaji is the 156th movie of Rajani kant.

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June 24, 2007 at 10:02 AM

This is a good blog site..I came across ur site when I searched for Kerala blog sites in google. I was there in Trivandrum when Sivaji was released, but couldn'tmanage to get tickets.

You can visit my blog site where I have posted a topic on the movie Sivaji. You are welcome to my site..