Silent Valley, again in the news

For the last one week i didnt updated by blog. I thought that
i should start with some thing related to nature or environment.

You must have heard about silent valley of kerala. It is one of
the unique place in India. Silent valley has got great wild beauty and
incredible biological diversity. It can be considered as a boon to
kerala. One intersting thing about silent valley is that this is the
only place in kerala where we can find crickets, a small insect which
used to make noise every time especially we can hear that during night.
That is the reason why the place has got the name 'Silent Valley'.

Slent Valley is about 80 kms from Palaghat. Silent Valley receives
4400 milli meter rainfall every year. Silent valley is composed both of
temperate rain forests and tropical evergreen forest. 315 type of
differnt species of animals has been discovered from here, some of
theme are Great Indian Hornbill, Southern Birdwing, Lion-tailed
Macaque, Nilgiriwood - Pigeon etc. Silent Valley and its biodiversity is an asset for us and for the future generations. It has to be protected.

Nowadays government has started taking action to build a dam in the place named pathrakadavu hydro electric project, which environmentalists are claiming that it will adversely harm the ecological balance of the place. I think this is true up to a large extend. What do you think? Post you opinion.

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June 11, 2007 at 6:25 PM

This is a great article.
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