News, Direct from News Providers

Every one would like to know the latest news on the topic they are interested in, isn’t it?
Here is an innovative method that brings you the latest news. Introducing "TheNewsRoom". The News Room provides news from different major new sources in the world. The news are fully licensed ones which can be embedded on our website or blog.
Newsroom provides quality news on different topics and categories which may affect our day to day life. Most relevant and timely news can be embedded on our website / blog absolutely free of cost. I have already added the news component and found that embedding or mashing of the news component is quite easy. All you have to do is select the category of the news videos, click the mash button, copy & paste the code generated by the website on to your website or blog.

Above all and the most interesting this is that we get paid for displaying the news content on our blog or website. Not only for displaying the content of the website, this component can generate revenue on cpc basis also.

Just visit the website and start mashing the news content on your blog or website, from major content providers such are Associated Press, Reuters etc.

Happy mashing!!!

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