Remembering Kunjan Nambiar

Most of the people didnt knew about or forgot about the importance of May 5th. It was the birthday of Kunjan Nambiyar. Kunjan who was creator of a traditional dance form in kerala 'Thullal'. In trivandrum i didnt find any people discussing about the speciality of that day. He was an eminent critic who wrote about the injustice, caste and racial discrimination which was prevailing at that time in the royal families of kerala.

This great person was born in 'kalakkathu veedu' near to 'killikurishimangalam' temple in the district of palakkad, kerala in the year 1700. He was a person who was well versed in other art forms like kolam thullal, padayani and koothu.

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July 13, 2009 at 8:25 AM

i like kunjan nabiars ravanagarvam