Shining stars of Kerala

Just now i am back from a restaurant near by my office after having a cup of tea. When i reached in the restuarant a hot discussion was going on among the people sitting in the restaurant. Among those people one person came from munnar hours ago. The topic was about the demolition of illegal encroachments taking place in munnar. In one of my previous post i had mentioned about the illegal encrochments taking place in munnar. Now our chief minister has taken strong action against the illegal encroachers, by appointing three officials from kerala govenment.
The three govenement officials are Suresh Kumar, Rishi Raj Singh and Raju Narayaswamy. The person was taking about these three persons, they are treated like big stars from the movie world in and around munnur. He was telling a big crowd will be following there persons when they are into action. The main objective / duty of these officials is to penalise the illegal encroachers and demolish the illegal buildings. The action is going on in full swing against all the persons irrespecitve of caste, religion, political party, celebreties. Thanks to the action taken by our Chief Minister.

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