Reality shows hunting for talents in kerala

Currently three reality talent hunt shows are going on in malayalam TV Channels.
The prime objective/initiative of these talent hunts, as claimed by organizers is that they are playing a vital role spot the best talents in music and dance field. Organizers of these talent shows are also having the opinion that these shows might open doors to the movie field for the best talents.
Malalaylam language alone has got more that 15 channels. I am wondering what would happen if all these 15 channels are coming up these type of talent hunt shows. Now a days these talent hunt shows are the hot discussion among the youngsters in kerala. I think the main reason for this buzz among the people is the amount of prize money offered by these talent hunts. It
is good to know that the youngsters who are participating in these contests are getting much needed support from their parents, friends and relatives. This is quite evident, if we watch these tv shows we can see that most of the studio audience in these tv shows are the parents of these participating youngsters.

Out of three one of the talent hunt show which is telecasting on Asianet channel is 'Idea Star Singer' 07. This is for the second consecutive year asianet is coming up with this type of musical talent hunt. It is a musical competition attneded by about 100 contestants. The judges for this program is the famous playback singer of malayalam M.G Sreekumar, Usha Uthup, one of the famous singer in India and Sarath who is prominent person from indian music industry. The event is sponsored by idea one of the cellular operator here in kerala. Winner of this contest will be getting a brand new flat / apartment worth 40 lakh rupees sponsored by confident group and an offer to sing in one of the malayalam movie which will be directed by one of the best movie director in malayalam cinema, Vinayan.

Another show named 'Super Dancer' is going on in Amrita TV, the channel which is supported by Matha Amritanandamayi Trust. Objective of this Show is to find talent from the dancing field. The show had more than 100 contestants and out of which 20 contestants has been selected for the next round. The show is
being judged by Kala Master, one of the famous dance director in the south indian film industry and a famous actor from the movie field. The prize money for this contest is worth lakhs of rupees.
Third program is 'Vanitaratnam', being telecasted in Amrita TV out of these three tv shows. In my perspective this is a unique program among three. The contestants for this tv talent hunt are married womens. Most of the contestants are skilled and talented house wifes of kerala. During this program contests will be given different assignments concerned with singing, acting, dancing etc. Most of the tasks given to these people are instant assignments. Judges of this program are celebreties from the malayalam movie
world and from the drama/theatre arena. Winner will be getting 5 lakh rupees worth of Gold sponsored by a famous jewellery group in kerala.
These talents hunts has brought a great deal of competition among the channels for increasing their viewer ship. Hoping that more and more channels will come up with some unique and innovative programs. Anyway i am taking this opportunity to wish good luck for all the contestants. Just a sec amrita tv has announced their second version of another reality talent hunt program program, which will start telecasting in two or three weeks from now.

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