Is Kashmir of South India dying?

Munnar a picturesque hillstation in kerala, about 1600m above sea level is otherwise called the "Kashmir of south india". Early this year i had visited munnar along with my friends from vazhayila. It is a place of great scenic beauty. You can view the photos here. Now a days lot of encroachments, i should say 'illegal encroachements" are taking place in and around munnar which is adversely affecting the ecological balance of the hill station. If the government or other concerned organisations are not taking measures to put this under control then, the unique habitat of "neela kurinji(Strobilanthus shrub)"which blooms only in 12 years and "Nilgiri Thar" dear which is already on the verge of extinction will be vanished in the near future.
Post you valuable opinion on this issue which needs much concern. You opinion matters!!!!

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