Eco tourism the road ahead

Tourism is one of the most revenue generating industry in my state/region. While people are taking measures to increase the revenue from this industry, it is adversely affecting our ecosystem. Most of us dont care for nature or ecosystem which is our life blood.

Now a days many countries around the world has realized that eco tourism is a means to sustainable development. Rather than considering the tag ecotourism as a tool for marketing, it should be utilised to preserve our nature and provide a natural habitat for the living beings.

In this post i would like to mention a tavel and vaccation planner, Kauai Ecotourism Vacation Rentals who is providing environmentally friendly vaccation packages. is a local agency in the hawaiian islands whose vaccation packages and properties are hand-picked and offers the best service, while causing the least damage to the spectacles of nature on Kauai and the other Hawaiian islands.

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