Pooram festival to be celebrated tomorrow

The pooram festival of trichur, kerala will be celebrated tomoorow. The speciality of tomorrow's festivals is the amazing display and lighting of crackers. Yesterday there was a display of sample lighting of crackers. Tomorrow after the lighting and display of crackers the festival will be finished for the year.

Pooram Festival Commenced in Trichur, Kerala

In malayalam language (which is the official language of kerala state) pooram means a group or a meeting of people. This festival is considered as the mother of all temples festivals in the state of kerala.Trichur(in malayalam it is Thrissur derived from "Thiru-Shiva-Perur", which means sacred city of Lord Siva) is considered as the pooram of all poorams held in kerala. Trichur is considered as the cultural capital of kerala. This is a sensational festival celebrated at Vadakkumnathan Temple every year during the months of April-May. The main attractions of this festival is colourful processions of decorated elephants, fireworks display during night time, drum concerts and a huge amount of public participation. The two devaswoms(a committe or group which manages a temple functions)- Thiruvampadi and Paramekkavu- are the organisers of this memorable festival. During this festival season, Trichur, is turned into a town of vibrant colours, music. The pooram programmes extends upto 36 hours.One of the major event of the Pooram festival is the Panchavadyam in which around 200 artistes from the disciplines of different indegenous musical instruments like Maddalam, Thimila, Cymbal, Trumpet and Edakka participates. Another attraction of this trichur pooram is that display of different decorative items made by the temples which are used to decorate elephants are exchanged by the people atop the elephants. This is called 'kudamattom' in Malayalam.

Festival time in kerala temples

It is the time for festivals and annual celebarations in the temples of kerala. Kerala is better known as God's own country. Most of the celebrations of kerala temples falls in the malayalam month of meenam and medam. Meenam and Medam months usually come in the month of march and april. A 10 day celebration has started in the sri krishna swamy temple in ambalamukku. The festival consists of cultural programmes, musical concerts and entertainement realted programmes. There will also be special offerings in the temple on all these days.

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Vishu - a unique Kerala festival

Vishu is celebrated on the first day of the Malayalam month Medam, usually falls on the month of april. For keralites this is the astronimical new year, when the sun crosses the equator.

Vishu is associted with the Hindu religious beliefs, it is not in any way a religious festival. For keralites the famous ritual concerned with vishu is, the first thing people see on Vishu, the 'Vishukkani', is associated to the year's prosperity.

'Vishukkani' comprises of a ritual arrangement of auspicious things like fresh linen, raw rice, golden cucumber, betel leaves, arecanut, metal mirror, the yellow flowers 'konna' (cassia fistula), and a holy text and coins, in a bell metal vessel called 'uruli'. A lighted bell metal lamp called nilavilakku is also placed alongside.

On the New Year dawn of vishu, people wake up for the ritualistic arrangements for 'vishukani'. Giving off handsel (kaineettam) to the younger members of the family is part of the celebrations.
Vishu celebration plays and important part in kerala tourism, culture and heritage of kerala. In the day of vishu there will be special offerings in the temples of kerala especially the kerala temples where the worship of Lord Krishna has got prominence

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Vishu greeting s to all Heartmates especially for subru and wife,

Wishing you a Happy Easter - Heartmates Kerala

It is the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday. Easter is one of the most prominent Christian festivals and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all around the world. Mostly Easter is being celebrated on sundays.

Easter date used to change each year and several other Christian festivals and celebrations related to churces fix their dates by reference to Easter. The symbold associated with Easter are rabbit, lilies, chicks and egges.

Heartmates wish all a Joyous and Properous Easter.

Yahoo says Sorry

Yahoo says sorry for lifting cookery notes from a blog named http://kariveppila.blogspot.com which is a blog being updated and maintained from kerala.

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Mohanlal's Father Passed Away

Apr 2 - Trivandrum: Famous Malayalam actor Mohanlal's father Viswanathan Nair is no more. It happened here this evening following oldage illness. He was 80 and is looked after by wife Santhakumari and Mohanlal.

Mr Viswanathan Nair, was a retired Law Special Secretary in kerala govenment state service, was ailing for sometime and the died at a private hospital where he was undergoing treatment.

Deep Condolances from Heartmates Members

Mohanlal in Alchohol Ads

The Liquor prohibition activists in state of Kerala are against the leading film star, Mohanlal, for appearing in the ads of whisky . The activists wanted the actor to apologise for violating laws that ban direct liquor advertisements. As per the rule in india direct advertisements of cigarettes and liquor items has been prohibited.
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Once upon a lifetime in kerala