Mr. Anand is getting married on coming tuesday

Important and Happy news for all the heartmates members. Our friend and a heartmates member,Mr anand is getting married on the 20th of march 2007. The marriage date has been officially decalred yesterday. The wedding ceremony will be held in Mookambika temple on coming tuesday.

On behalf all the heartmates members, heartmates wishes "a happy married life for Mr anand. You can send marriage wishes to Mr. Anand through this blog, it will be conveyed to Mr.Anand

As all the heartmember knows anand is getting married to the girl which he was loving for the past 13 years. There is no issues from the girls family, but some problems are there from anands parents, they are not absolutely willing for this marriage.
Most probably anand's parents may not be attending the marriage.
Mr anand is planning to shift to a new house in Mannammoola, he has already taken the house for rent.
Mr salil, mr abilash(enikara) and syam will be going with anand to mookambika to attend the function.
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