Festival time in Sastha Templa Vazhayila.

Swamy Saranam

Today it is the fourth day of sastha temple festival of vazhayila. Yesterday heartmates members has gone to the temple in the night to watch the drama and movie which was shown as part of the celebrations.

Planning for an MBA from London - A Heartmates Member

One of our Heartmates member is planning to do MBA from London. The person has clearned the initial procedures to get admission for MBA in London from indian authorities. He is waiting for the next academic year to join the MBA Program. Hopfully next academic year will be starting with in two months?
Can anyone recommend/suggest some of the best colleges and universites in London to study MBA? Is it worthful to have an MBA degree from UK Univeristy? What would be the job prospects for a person who had completed Bachelor Degree in Hotel Managementafter after taking MBA?

Rannilane Residents Welfare Association - Celebrations

The Annual celebrations of RRWA will be held in the month of April. The preparation for the celebraions are going on. People can expect the arrival of some emininet personalities to be attending the inaguaral or and other functions held along with the celebration. As it has been follwed since the start up of the association some cultural programmes will also be performed during the celebrations. Every residents whole hearted participation is expected for the event.



http://rrwa.blogspot.com - a blog for Rannilane

On behalf of Rannilane residents welfare association heartmates has created a blog for rrwa. The blog url is http://rrwa.blogspot.com. The blog contains news about rannilane and the latest developments taking place in the street

India virtually out of ICC World Cup

India is out of the ICC World cup being defeated by Srilanka for 69 runs in the league match. Previously india was beaten by bangladesh and the run rate and points of has gone down. Yesterday it was a must win situation for india. But unfortunately against the hopes of one billion people, india has lost the match. Should indian team be restructred? Is it he lazy play of indian cricket players? Is the high amount of pressure that was on the indian team? Is it the money making and large no of advertisements concerned with indian team.

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Ajaylal Junior - Photos

Some photos of the son of ajaylal. The photos were taken on the 28th day of the child's birth. Keep visiting the blog.

क्रिकेट स्टॉक एक्सचेंज

Vist the site http://www.cricstock.com for the online trading of the shares in the name of cricket players. Keep posting your comments and thanks for visiting the site.

Interview Tips, Do's and Donts

As most of the heartmates members are working professionals, everyone has faced an interview or will be facing an interview for better jobs and for promotions in the same company. Heartmates thought to start a new post on the blog to get some interview tips from the members, which will be beneficial for all the members and others who are visiting this site. Please provide your valuable comments, tips, do's and dont's in attending an interview.

Wishing a happy married life for Mr & Mrs Anand

Day b4 yesterday on the 20th of march mr. anand got married, he has taken a new house in mannamoola, near by peroorkada. Heartmates wishes Mr. Ananad a happy married life. You can wish Mr. Anand on his marriage through this blog. Please visit for more news updates.
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Unconfirmed News

Heartmates came to know that Mr Kochani(Ratheesh) will be landing in vazhayila this morning. He is coming for leave of 20 days from dubai.

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Marriage of Babu's Sister (T Babu)

Day b4 yesterday it was the marriage of Babu's second sister. The marriage function was held in the Aswathy Auditorium ambalamukku.

Mr. Anand is getting married on coming tuesday

Important and Happy news for all the heartmates members. Our friend and a heartmates member,Mr anand is getting married on the 20th of march 2007. The marriage date has been officially decalred yesterday. The wedding ceremony will be held in Mookambika temple on coming tuesday.

On behalf all the heartmates members, heartmates wishes "a happy married life for Mr anand. You can send marriage wishes to Mr. Anand through this blog, it will be conveyed to Mr.Anand

As all the heartmember knows anand is getting married to the girl which he was loving for the past 13 years. There is no issues from the girls family, but some problems are there from anands parents, they are not absolutely willing for this marriage.
Most probably anand's parents may not be attending the marriage.
Mr anand is planning to shift to a new house in Mannammoola, he has already taken the house for rent.
Mr salil, mr abilash(enikara) and syam will be going with anand to mookambika to attend the function.
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Images of Trip to Munnar

Emal id and contact no of all the heartmates members

Heartmates would like to have the email ids and contact nos of all the heartmates members, everyone can send their mail ids to the email-id "heartmates07@gmail.com", the same will be updated in the blog, which will help all the heartmates members to communicate with each other from around the world or else if a member has a gmail id he/she can login to the blog and submit his/her email id.

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Once upon a lifetime in kerala